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Congrats you're a parent! Will you ever have sex again?

How We Know That Women Do Not Have a Sex Drive

A sex drive is a significant urge that comes from having an erection. Penetrative sex brings high risk & low reward for women. Women are clearly unaware of the nature of sex drive.

Sex Drive: A Need to Ejaculate Through Intercourse

A sex drive arises from the responses of our own body. Men are incentivized to engage in intercourse. A sex drive is always to be the penetrator.

Men’s Sexual Satisfaction Relies on Having a Lover

Men are aroused foremost by the availability of a lover. Men need sexual release because they are aroused by a lover. Women accept men’s need for release through intercourse.

Intercourse Is Totally Defined by Male Responses

Men are aroused in anticipation of sex. Only men can initiate intercourse. The timing of an orgasm is unpredictable.

Intercourse Is an Act of Mating & Impregnation

Extended thrusting is typical of mammals. Manual contacts, oral sex & penetrative sex. Some men enjoy the turn-on of foreplay.

Platonic Love Is Just As Powerful As Sexual Love

Men initiate relationships for sexual reasons. Women cement relationships by offering sex. Women enjoy sensuality, affection & companionship. l

The Romantic Pleasure a Woman Enjoys From Sex

Women are reassured by male arousal & admiration. A woman chooses to be penetrated when she loves a man. Offering sex gives a woman more emotional control.

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