Is She Bored During Sex? (5 Things She Wants in Bed) | Sex and Relationship Coach | Caitlin V

Is She Bored During Sex? (5 Things She Wants in Bed) | Sex and Relationship Coach | Caitlin V

Men May Get More Sex If They Are Willing To Be Realistic

When a man expects a woman to put on a ‘sexual performance’ he makes sex more onerous for her. If a man expects less of a lover then he may get more sex.

Better Sex Through Outercourse: Expanding Sexual Horizons

Better sex is an admirable goal for any couple, even those whose sex lives are already fine. Expanding the repertoire to include outercourse is one way to achieve this laudable goal.

What Men Want In Bed

We always think that men are so simple in bed, right? And that the only things they like are getting blow jobs, fantasizing about a threesome, and that they want sex all the time; but no, the reality is that men want sex to be good and exciting too. Men want “A lady in the street and a freak in the bed.” In other words, men want variation; they want their women to sometimes be wild, someone able to try something new and exciting.

All Those Men Who Love Their Women Must Read This

Sex is an enjoyable act, no one will disagree, I know. One activity of sex encloses a million of alternatives and opportunities for contentment, health, exercise, communication and relationship.

Low Sex Drive: Is the Cold Weather to Blame?

Men may notice a sudden bout of low sex drive during the colder months of the year. Here, men can learn some common causes of this problem as well as ways to combat it.

Safe Sex Quiz: Learn the Facts on Sexually Transmitted Infections

It’s never too late to learn about safe sex, and all sexually active individuals should pursue such knowledge. Here people can test their knowledge of sexually transmitted infections.

So Are Men Or Women Really More Confident In Bed?

When men and women are asked what they find most attractive in a sexual partner there’s, for once, one thing that both agree on – nothing is more of a turn-on than confidence. What makes this interesting is that while sure it’s great to be with someone who is confident in what they’re doing, how do people themselves rate their own confidence when having fun in the sack? Is confidence something that is portrayed more physically, or is it more subtle and born from psychological and emotional security?

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