If you can’t talk about sex, you shouldn’t be having it ?‍♀️

If you can’t talk about sex, you shouldn’t be having it 🙅‍♀️

How to Improve Your Sex Life With Hypnosis

I believe hypnosis was given an inaccurate image by the popular media. When we hear the term, we often imagine a group of people acting like dogs, being ridiculed, brainwashed or whatever. In reality, hypnosis serves a much greater purpose than comedy. It’s being used in a therapeutic context. It can resolve psychological issues, make you more confident and even help you get rid of an addiction. And yes, it can improve your sex life too!

Awakening The Tantra Goddess In Your Woman

Your existing female partner is your tantra goddess – you have simply not seen here in that light as yet. In order to do so, you must awaken her divinity by your acts of tantra rituals and worship. How do you do that? There is no substitute for the detailed guidance of a tantra teacher, but there are certain tantra techniques you can follow to get started.

Why You Should Have Sex Right Away When Dating

The first time you get behind the wheel of a new girl and go for a test drive. The first time your lips touch her lips, and the two of you grind down the long and curvy road. Nothing feels better than new leather against your skin.

4 Simple Things To Consider When Performing Oral Sex

These are four simple things to think of when performing oral sex with your partner. Consider them before doing it, and you wont regret it.

Premature Ejaculation Solving the Problem – Part 5

In order to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation it is essential to learn how to develop control over the reflex that triggers ejaculation.   Ejaculation is the result of muscles in the penis contracting rhythmically, which forces the semen out. Contractions of these muscles is triggered by a reflex.

How to Get Her to Want to Sleep With You

One of the biggest and perhaps most ambiguous questions that men all over the world have is what do women really want. This question has never really been fully answered. Some people say that there is no answer because women themselves do not even know what they want.

4 Advance Ways To Turn Your Wife On – Treat Her Like A Naughty Little “Sex Kitten”

There are hundreds of advanced ways to turn your wife on sexually. In fact, you can keep your wife in a state of arousal for making sex vivid and meaningful.

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