I wish I knew this before having sex part 1!

I wish I knew this before having sex part 1!

How Do You Kiss? 5 Tips to Make Your First Kiss Wonderful

Is this your first time to kiss and be kissed? Thinking about how do you kiss for the first time? getting excited for it to happen? Teenagers are usually excited about trying new things. Sometimes, they get too oblivious that there is a proper way of kissing for the first time. A kiss is a very powerful weapon of women. There is something with a kiss that immobilizes men. On the other hand, sometimes it may be too inviting or too intimidating. Girls must know how to properly execute a kiss, especially if it’s their very first time.

Ways to Have Great Sex: Here Is The G-Spot Method for INSANE Female Orgasms! Read This Right Now!

Do you know of any ways to have great sex, or are you one of the “in-out-in-out-come-oh God it was great” men? Because I tell you – there is so much information to be had about having great sex and giving your partner wild orgasms. Read on now!

Women’s Feet!

I am writing this article for all the men out there with a foot fetish. When I was younger I felt like I should keep my foot fetish a secret from my friends and the people around me however as I matured and became more sexually active I noticed how much I appreciated a woman with nice feet. I call it appreciation but really I must admit, turned on by a woman with nice feet.

How to Talk Dirty to Your Man Without Feeling Embarrassed

I think it’s safe to say that talking dirty on the phone is serious business! Let’s be honest; phone sex operators have mastered how to talk dirty to your man without feeling embarrassed, can you? The biggest clients of phone sex industry to date are married men and guys that have been in relationships for more than a year.

How to Give a Guy a Good Head Job

If you don’t give your man much oral sex and he says “it’s OK” then he is lying. A man would sell his soul to the devil for a woman who knows how to give a guy a good head job. He would cheat on you for it and would even consider paying for it.

Ejaculation Denial And Why Men Crave It

Ejaculation denial is a poorly understood lifestyle choice that’s far more popular than you’d ever believe. Tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of couples live in relationships where the man is simply not allowed to orgasm. But why? In this short article, you’ll discover the exciting and erotic truth about ejaculation denial and your man.

How Can I Make My Husband a Male Slave?

Women often ask me how they can make their husband into a male slave. Before you get too excited, though, just be aware it’s almost always because the man has given her the idea. But, being a male slave often isn’t what’s really on offer. Discover the truth about male chastity and the willing male slave in this short article.

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