I Have A Dream

Like Martin Luther King, I have a dream.

My dream is…

? Of women loving the uniquely beautiful bodies they were born with.

? Of no one wasting another minute of their short, precious life trying to diet into some skinny, impossible ideal.

? Of women in beautiful, curvy, womanly bodies fully ripe and gorgeously inhabited.

? Of women doing good work in the world and loving their families instead of obsessing about food and what size they wear.

? Of a world that no longer shames the naturally curvy female body.

? Of bigotry toward body sizes fading away and becoming as unacceptable as bigotry toward skin color or race.

? Of children being accepting of varying body sizes instead of learning to make fun of each other.

? Of people enjoying food and loving life instead of depriving themselves and being miserable in the name of beauty.

? Of movies that cast actresses who look like women instead of emaciated skeletons.

? Of a world rich with love and acceptance rather than one of souls starved by hatred and rejection.

To be honest, it feels awkward to apply a great man’s signature line to a different cause. And yet, I think Reverend King would understand. I think he would agree that bigotry and hatred of any kind is unacceptable.

I think he would support women living rich lives instead of starving themselves and being miserable due to extreme cultural prejudice. I think he would agree that a person can no more change their genetic body size and shape than they can change the color of their skin. And that neither shape, nor color, have anything to do with the quality of the person.

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