How To Make Her Really Want You with Kristopher Lovestone

Dry Itchy Penile Skin – Could It Be an Allergy to Vaginal Fluid?

Men who experience chronic problems with dry, itchy penile skin after sex often feel frustrated that they are unable to identify the problem and unable to enjoy intimacy. The information here may help to clear up the issue.

Sexual Performance and Alcohol Use – Why More Is Not Always Better

It’s summer, and the party is on – but binge drinking, or even having a few too many at the local bar – can have a serious effect on a man’s sexual performance. Here’s what guys need to know to about the proverbial brewer’s droop.

Preventing Penis Skin Damage – Avoiding and Reducing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks on the penis are common, but most men would prefer to do without them. Here’s how men can prevent them from occurring or minimize their appearance.

What Women Want In Bed? Top 3 Tips That Turn Women On During Sex

Here you can learn what women want in bed. The 3 most important factors that turn women on during sex are revealed here.

Christian Intimacy – How To Have Better Sex More Often

Christian intimacy is extremely important. Learn how you can have better sex as Christians, as often as possible.

Better Sex Through Communication – One Man’s Suggestions

Talking about issues in the bedroom can be hard, but following a few tips could help the conversation to go more smoothly. Learn about one man’s suggestions for better sex through communication.

How Do I Know If I’m Gay? A Look at the Spectrum of Sexual Orientation

How much does societal acceptance influence your willingness to entertain the idea that you may be gay? The first indicator that you may have gay tendencies occurs the first time you wonder if it is possible! Heterosexuals almost never think about being gay. Not because it may be awkward or taboo in their society, but because it simply holds no interest for them.

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