How to have ORGASMIC pleasure everyday ✨

How to have ORGASMIC pleasure everyday ✨

Three Things Baby Boomers and Seniors Need to Know About Sexual Health

The first baby boomers turn 65 this year. They will be the first of the largest generation in the history of the United States to hit 65. There will be a lot of boomers after them to hit that milestone.

Quick Tip To Improve Your Sex Life: Focus On Your Partner First

Orgasm is not a predictable linear process. Ask and experiment to discover new and interesting ways to reach your partner. Focus on the needs of your partner first. Then focus on your needs.

Best Natural Aphrodisiacs That Work

In a relationship when you provide something you expect something in return and it is this process of give and take which decides the fate of a relationship. A good relationship should generally have good mental compatibility amongst the partners, willingness to adjust to different situations and keeping in mind of fulfilling the desires of the partner and yes one of the most important things which decides the future of a relationship is the sexual compatibility. With sex being such an important part of our life people look for different types of ways to improve their sexual…

Massage Services and the Benefits to Men

Hundreds of people are of the opinion that massage services designed for men provide the perfect form of relaxation. While this is the fact, there are several other benefits tied to this service. These have a positive effect on health and also aids in boosting the sexual energy and especially when erotic massage is used.

Premature Ejaculation Treatment Mistakes – The Condom Method

If you have premature ejaculation one so-called solution that you will have seen touted is the condom method. This supposed answer to premature ejaculation falls into the category of desensitizing techniques. Along with the masturbation method (covered in another article) and the use of delay creams and sprays (also covered in another article) the condom method of dealing with premature ejaculation is bad news.

Quick Tip To Improve Your Sex Life: Masturbate!

An estimated 95 percent of men and 70 percent of women masturbate. Masturbation has always been a primary form of sexual activity since before recorded history.

GLBTQ Confidently Out and Proud

I am a butch lesbian. Sure you probably ascertained or presumed it from my photo, but I still like saying it, it rolls off my tongue ever so easily these days, which wasn’t the case years ago.

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