How To Have More Sex In Your Relationship

How To Have More Sex In Your Relationship

Sex Positions for a Tighter Vagina

sex positions for a tighter vagina are a great way to improve the sex life for both you and him. Knowing a few amazing position to enhance your intimacy will serve you well!

Is She Faking It? The 2 Most Common Reasons Women Will Fake Orgasm

Q: How can I tell if my girlfriend is faking it? Does she enjoy sex with me? Am I good enough to sexually satisfy her.

Seek the Remedies to Achieve the Fulfillment You Miss In a Sexual Intercourse

Since the actual advent of penile enhancement pills, the amount of male improvement product continued to develop as nicely. As men is constantly on the seek remedies how to achieve the fulfillment they really miss in sexual intercourse, the producer never fail to generate effective tablets.

Dealing With a Sexless Relationship

If one of the issues plaguing your relationship is a lack of sexual intimacy (or any intimacy, for that matter), you certainly aren’t alone. A sexless marriage is defined as one in which sexual intimacy occurs no more than 10 times a year. Surveys suggest that as many as 20 million couples in the USA are living in a sexless marriage. That number doesn’t even include all the other committed relationships in which the couples are not married. Those are truly staggering numbers! No wonder the divorce rate is so high. If this is your situation, you definitely have reason to be concerned, as this can leave your relationship extremely vulnerable, especially to infidelity. While both men and women have affairs, men in particular use sexual intimacy as one of the primary ways they express love to their significant other. (If it is not happening at home with you, he may very well look elsewhere!) Sex is also an important way for both of you to feel connected to each other. That’s why this part of your relationship should never be ignored or its importance underestimated!

Anxious About Sex? The Straight Scoop on Performance Anxiety

Q: Why am I so anxious about sex? Why do my nerves interfere with my ability to perform well in bed? Is there anything I can do to relax more, and simply enjoy the experience.

2 Questions To Ask Yourself BEFORE Buying PE Pills (or Any Other Sexual Enhancement Drugs)

We get a lot of questions from men who THINK they are finishing too fast, and not satisfying their lovers. The truth is, that MAY be the case…

What Do Women Want in Bed? (And The Simple Secret That EVERY Woman Really Wants)

  Q: What do women REALLY want in bed? Do they need a guy with super human size and stamina? Or, do women REALLY want a man with a sensitive style?

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