How To Have Huge Chemistry with John Gray

How To Have Huge Chemistry with John Gray

How To Be A Better Lover And Pleasure Your Partner

To be a better lover does not mean you need to entirely change who you are. It simply means to make smart use of what you already have and thinking more of what will make your partner happy and satisfied.

Is the Swinging Lifestyle for You?

A brief introduction into the swinging lifestyle. Words of advice from experienced swingers to help you make the decision whether to join us or not.

How Using Exercise And Medicine Can Help Improve Your Sexual Stamina

Exercising is the most effective and affordable way to stay healthy and keep your body in shape. By exercising regularly, you can be sure that your sexual stamina will be increased and your body will be able to perform efficiently. Exercise has always been highly recommended by doctors and medical professionals.

Pleasing Your Husband Is Not a Big Deal

Marriage relation is one of the most sacred knot in human relation. It is a rare blend of love, intimacy, care and flesh. A woman can initiate some steps to make her husband fall flat in the bed. He will be obsessed to you and will be ready to sacrifice anything. Follow the steps given below and feel the magic yourself.

Teen Sex Ed: It Is Necessary

Recently, the Tennessee governor signed a bill called the “gateway sexual activity” bill. This bill prohibits any public school official from talking about anything sexual in a school setting. The claim is that the speaking of sexual activity by teachers in Tennessee schools condones sexual activity to students.

Exercise For Premature Ejaculation And Have An Incredible Orgasm At The Same Time!

Exercise for premature ejaculation comes in various forms including pelvic muscle exercise, breathing exercise and masturbation exercise. While all these exercises work equally well to prevent premature ejaculation, masturbation exercise is the exercise which allows you to enhance your ejaculatory power while having an incredible orgasm at the same time!

Dirty Talk: Important Dos and Don’ts

Women’s magazines and websites furnish us with some very important information that we may not find anywhere else. They reveal ideas and perspectives which help them understand men and how to deal with them or please them. Most women often have to deal with the embarrassment that comes with the first couple of times they try talking dirty. Chances are that your man likes dirty talking as much as you, but someone always has to make the first move. Livening things up in the bedroom is not so hard really, you just need a few pointers. Here are a few dos and don’ts of dirty talk you will find beneficial.

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