How To Have An Orgasm During Penetration

How To Have An Orgasm During Penetration

5 Ways To Make Her Less Shy In Bed

How to please her in bed? What do women want in bed that they do not dare to ask for?

Good Reasons to Have Sex Tonight

If you are not in the mood for sex or have made something else a priority tonight, here are a few reasons why you should consider sex tonight instead. There are plenty of reasons why not to make love, but sometimes overcoming these obstacles is just what you need to make the sparks fly for an amazing evening.

Talking Dirty and Using It To Give Her Multiple Orgasms and the Best Sex of Her Life

If you ask most men, they will probably say that what they do with their body during sex is more important than anything else. While the physical side of having a big orgasm is really important; the mental side should not be overlooked. Women are always a lot more verbal than men and this makes them respond to words in a way that most guys don’t.

The Best Ways to Foreplay

Foreplay is like a form of art, and it is definitely something that can spice up a person’s love life! Unfortunately, sex can sometimes become mundane, and more of a ritual instead of something that is meant to be exciting and a way to take a person’s relationship to the next level.

Sexercise: Connecting Sex and Exercise

Sex is surely not just an emotional connection as it has many of the same attributes as exercise. How can you get the best from sex and also get a great workout? Lets call it sexercise and break down its great attributes.

Naughty Sexting at Work

Sexting is new and fun way to spruce up your sex life. Learn how a few simple sexts at work can lead up to a night of excitement.

Great Ways to Tease Him

Looking for some great ways to tease your man? Find some creative tips that can get him to a breaking point before actually going down on him or having sex.

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