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Sex, Sex Everywhere

In recent times, Anal sex and sexuality, hitherto discussed in hush-hush tones, has become an open issue for public discourse. What has been seen as aberrations and sinful-depending on your faith and conviction-has now been accepted as commonplace. Nudist colonies have become common and deliberate efforts are being made to demystify the sacredness of mating, with prudery and sense of shame becoming old fashioned.

The Swinger Lifestyle Contract for Couples

Couples need to ensure that both partners are totally in agreement about any decision to participate in the swinger lifestyle. It can be very helpful to draw up a “Swinger Lifestyle Contract”, along the lines of a marriage contract. It doesn’t have to be a written contract and just being aware that both partners are entering into an agreement that they both “signed up to” can be quite sufficient.

The Swinger Lifestyle and Sexual Health

When contemplating whether to embark on the swinger lifestyle, most people will want to think about the issue of health risks that they may be exposed to with Anal Sex. This article explores how safe the lifestyle actually is and what are the real risks of swingers contracting sexually transmitted infections.

Swinger Lifestyle Tips for Getting Physical

If you thought that the swinger lifestyle is all about the physical stuff, then think again. Even sex parties have an important socializing element that takes place before any sexual foreplay begins. People who enjoy the swinger lifestyle understand this and need to know when its okay to start getting physical. In smaller meetings such as adult dating hook-ups, this knowledge is even more important for both couples and singles.

Getting The Most Out Of The Swinger Lifestyle

Couples starting out on the swinger lifestyle are not always aware of what they need to do in order to get the most out of it. This article provides some basic pointers for such couples and will help them to get through what I refer to as, “The new swinger couple drop out effect”.

What Makes The Swinging Lifestyle Appeal To People

The appeal of the swinger lifestyle can be different for different people This article examines the various motivations that can attract people to the swinger lifestyle. Although all swingers are turned on by the idea of recreational, non-monogamous Anal sex, there are often aspects of swinging that are a turn on for some swingers which are disliked, frowned upon or actually disapproved of by others.

The Swinger Lifestyle – An Introduction

What is meant by ‘The swinger Lifestyle’. Who might it be for. What are the first steps to getting into it. How to take the first steps.

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