How To Get A Woman To Think About You All Day Long

How To Get A Woman To Think About You All Day Long

Masturbation Tip: Incorporate Foreplay

Most men are content with their established masturbation routines, but showing oneself some extra love now and then is never a bad idea. Engage in a little self-foreplay for a suspenseful solo session.

A New Thinking For Your Struggles With Porn

ELICIT images are not currently a problem for me, and for most of my life that’s been the case, but there was a time – over a decade ago now – when I was living like an unbeliever – when I used ‘soft’ porn. People magazine styled porn. Of course, I’m not proud of the fact, but I’m also not ashamed of it, either. God has shown me his incredible loving, forgiving grace so I can be honest about it. I recognise, however, how much a habitual hold such images could have if I even went there again, once! Abstinence is the only sensible strategy when it comes to stopping porn.

Intimate Relationships, Sex, Celibacy, And Me

When was your first serious relationship? How well do you remember it? What are your thoughts about it now? People have a tendency to remember the first, the biggest, and the best regardless of who or what it is. The following may shock you.

Heterosexual Relationships Involve Mismatched Sex Drives

Heterosexual relationships are likely to involve difficulties over mismatched sex drives. Men and women have very different emotional and sexual needs.

The Porn Erectile Dysfunction Switch

There is a lot of non-sense advice handed out with regard to porn ED. Stop watching porn, see a sex councilor, stop masturbating – all completely wrong. Why current advice being handed out for porn Erectile Dysfunction is actually damaging and the correct way to tackle this problem.

Sexual Health: Keep Things Exciting With an Occasional Quickie

Many men are concerned with lasting longer. This can lead them to underestimate the possible benefits of the quickie for their relationships and sexual health.

Masturbation and Fantasy Require a Creative Imagination

Masturbation is more common among the better educated. Masturbation (because of the need for fantasies) is likely to rely on having a creative imagination.

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