How To Cope With Stress In Relationship with John Gray

Why Christian Husbands Should Be Great Lovers

Should Christian husbands be overly concerned about sex and about being the best lover possible? You bet they should. Here’s why.

Great Sex For Girlfriends – Why You Should Demand Your Boyfriend Last Long During Sex

Does your boyfriend last at least 10 minutes long during sex? Does he sometimes suffer from premature ejaculation? Here’s why you should demand he last long during sex.

Sex Advice – 5 Things Never to Say in the Bedroom

Uttering sexy words can either make or break an encounter in the bedroom. See what 5 things a man should never say, as well as tips for adding just enough dirty talk to the sac.

How to Jelq – Step By Step Approach For Doing The Jelqing Exercise

Want to learn how to jelq? Check out this step by step approach for doing the jelqing exercise.

How to Use a Penis Health Creme – A Step-By-Step Guide

More and more men are turning to a penis health creme to improve the look, feel and sensitivity of their penile skin; however, there are often questions about how to use such products – when they should be applied, how much to use, and whether or not they can be used before sex, just to name a few. When it comes to penis care, following the right procedure is essential for obtaining the best results; this step-by-step guide is meant to guide men in the correct usage of topical products meant to nourish and protect the penile skin.

Sexuality Statistics – How Do Women Measure Up to Men?

Most men and women are curious about each other’s history of sexuality, especially when it comes to what each other’s numbers are. Here’s a peak at some sexy stats belonging to the average American female.

Suppression of the Alpha Male

Prior to the 1970s, role models for young men were plentiful. Their attributes were well described and positive. There were examples of successful men shown in many situations: head of family, business and political leader, sports participants, doctors, lawyers, assembly line workers, minors, airline pilots, explorers, military people, etc.

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