How To Break The Complaining Cycle With John Gray

How To Break The Complaining Cycle With John Gray

Do Men and Women Enjoy Sexual and Emotional Pleasure in the Same Way or in Different Ways?

What makes a woman amenable to intercourse? What is the biology of intercourse for women? Why does anyone pay for sex? What do we mean by romance?

How to Avoid Sexual Temptation

It takes focus and strength to keep yourself when it’s become “the norm” to give yourself away. The best way to “flee fornication” is to avoid the temptation – rely on the power and the presence of God and exercise wisdom!

There Is No Reason for Women to Be Motivated by an Orgasm at All

Male sex drive involves men wanting to penetrate and thrust to orgasm. Whereas a woman feels sexually desirable or she is simply amenable to having sex.

Some Women’s Use of Surreal Fantasies Does Not Transfer to Sex

A relationship may help make a woman amenable to sex but it cannot cause orgasm. Some women’s use of fantasy leads to orgasm when alone but does not work with a partner.

Why Does Heterosexual Love-Making Focus on Intercourse Over More Explicit Clitoral Stimulation?

What is sexual pleasure? And do women experience sexual pleasure in the same way that men do? Or is sexual pleasure fundamentally different for women? Sexual pleasure is associated with orgasm and the first step in enjoying orgasm is for a person to be motivated to do so. Secondly, how is the BODY is involved in orgasm (physical stimulation) and how is the MIND (psychological arousal) in orgasm? What issues that challenge our enjoyment of sexual pleasure over decades together?

What Motivates a Woman to Want Sex and What Is It About Sex and Her Partner That Turns Her On?

What motivates women to want sex. How does ‘male sex drive’ compare with ‘female sexual desire’? What mental stimuli cause women to orgasm? What turns a woman on about her partner? What turns a woman on about sexual activity?

Men Need to Focus on Offering Sensual Pleasures Rather Than the Goal of Female Orgasm

Some women assume orgasm ‘just happens’. So they never invest in fantasies and they never stimulate their genitals. Other women realise that orgasm is missing from sex. Modern day sex information needs to be honest about the effort and rewards involved in a sexual relationship.

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