How To Be More Feminine – Increase Your Feminine Energy Fast

How To Be More Feminine – Increase Your Feminine Energy Fast

Ice Cold Sweaty Beer On A Hot Summer’s Day

He was a blonde, muscular, tall construction worker in his mid-thirties, Who had acquired muscle mass with relative ease. Not accustomed to working in such extreme heat, Thirst consumed him from the inside out.

Ways to Increase Sex Drive in Women Quickly

Life without sex can be boring. It’s unfortunate that a lot of women lose their sexual appetite with advancing age. This article lists some of the best ways to boost libido in women, naturally and safely.

Erect Penis Risk Factors to Look Out For

When a man has a functioning erect penis, his sexual activities tend to be more rewarding. But there are some risk factors that affect the erect state which many men ignore.

Sex Tips for Guys: Giving Oral Sex to a Woman

Many women enjoy being on the receiving end of oral sex just as much as men do, and there are numerous sex tips available to help them enjoy this route to sexual satisfaction. But often, those sex tips are really geared toward the men who are administering the oral action, and they may be ignorant of some of the basics that can lead to greater enjoyment. And when a woman has benefited from careful oral attention from her partner, she may be more inclined to return the favor and administer oral penis care on her favorite male in return.

Penis Health and Anejaculation: What to Do If It Occurs

Men who are interested in maintaining an active and enjoyable sex life make penis health a top priority. After all, good penis health has a direct impact on how much please a man gets from his sexual activities. But there are some conditions, such as anejaculation, which can have a serious effect on a man’s sex life even if the penis itself remains in good shape.

How to Get a Robust Libido Naturally and Safely

Living with a low libido can make things difficult for both you and your partner. This article lists some of the best ways to help enhance your sex drive naturally and safely.

Masturbation in the Workplace: Why So Many Men Do It

Masturbation is a big part of most men’s lives, and it isn’t always confined to the home. More and more men are finding time to masturbate in their workplace – and why not?

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