Household Items That Can Be Turned into Sex Toys

Household Items That Can Be Turned into Sex Toys

Public Sex – Best Places To Make Love

You can do anything but do not get caught. The same applies to having sex in public places.

A Forgotten Squirting Orgasm Technique – How Going Slowly Gives Her a Huge Female Ejaculation Orgasm

When it comes to squirting orgasms (Also known as female ejaculation orgasms and gushing orgasms), most guys first see these powerful orgasms on adult videos. I have often said that adult videos are some of the worst places to learn about sex and these orgasms explain exactly why. While the guy in the video may be going as fast as he can most regular women can`t handle that kind of stimulation.

Perineum Pleasure Techniques – How to Use This Unknown Erogenous Zone to Give Her Huge Orgasms

By now, most men know about the ‘big 3’ erogenous zones that all women have (Clitoris, G-spot and breasts). However, these three don’t account for all the erogenous zones on her body. In fact, she has many other areas that she is just begging for you to touch.

5 Tips To Win Her Back Sexually

Having an orgasm during intercourse eludes many women. Complicating this issue is the fact that a female body can be quite puzzling even to women.

Selecting and Sustaining Joyful Partnerships

How much more evidence do we need? It is clearly time to pursue new views on what we define as marriage and on how we relate to one another. Our 67% divorce rate, according to 30-year marriage researcher John Gottman, cries out for a new approach. That is the bad news. The flip side is that science has shown amazing health benefits of both a healthy monogamous sex life and a lasting marriage/partnership. More good news is that there is new brain research that helps us understand male/female differences on a physiological level. This is ground-breaking research because previous science assumed there was no difference and based their studies solely on the male brain – including the birth control pill! Think about the impact of understanding these differences can have for interpersonal and even international relationships.

How To Give Head – The Importance

When it comes to giving sexual pleasure to a man nothing works better than giving excellent head, but many women do not understand exactly how this is done. You can learn all about the techniques which can make this act much more enjoyable for your partner, but there is another factor that is necessary for a man to enjoy oral sex and that is psychological. Everyone knows that with women great sex starts in the mind, but this also applies to men as well.

If You Desire Great Sex Then Stop Being An Orgasm Counter

When you have sex with a woman, do you count the orgasms she has like you are counting touchdown passes by Tom Brady? When you’re going down on her, are you secretly counting how many orgasms she has like the Colorado Rockies are scoring runs in this miraculous playoff run they’re having? To you what matters more, pleasing her or feeding your ego?

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