Errors of Freud

Sigmund Freud has had a vast influence on society; and not all of this influence has been rightful. The reason is that he mistook the memories of childhood sexual abuse for erotic fantasy; and based on this he made several false conclusions – that children are sexual; that women are an incomplete gender; and that men suffer from the Oedipal complex and women from the Electra complex. Being a function of a wrong analysis, these analyses are wrong by simple logic.

Tantric Sex – What to Look for in a Tantric Teacher or Therapist

It is important to understand that Tantra is very difficult to define, since it is a very personal and unique journey for each person who undertakes it. Your Tantric teacher or therapist should understand this concept and leave enough room for you and your journey, while teaching the principles. Ideally, the work of a Tantric therapist is to walk beside you on your tantric path, guiding you, but never forcefully overpowering you or controlling you. Keep in mind that the whole point of Tantra is the release of control and conditioning, and the encouragement of individuality and the expression thereof.

Impotence – How One Man Learned to Deal With It

Impotence is a serious problem. Here’s how one man learned to deal with it.

How To Stop Premature Ejaculation Naturally – 5 Simple Tricks To Make Love Longer

If you are serious about taking steps to stop premature ejaculation naturally then here are a few tips that will help you last longer in bed. Let us take a look at these simple techniques to cure PE.

How to Make a Woman Orgasm With a Small Penis

The truth is, you DON’T need a big one to make her orgasm, but it sure would be easier if you did. So, just in case you’re like the rest of us and aren’t “packing heat”, here’s some practical info that will make you rock her world. And have her telling all her friends about it the next day.

What’s More Important Than Love, Sex or Money?

Most of us find our romantic relationships valuable. Yet, somehow most couples breakup. In some cases, they still have strong feelings for one another. What is at the source of this dilemma? This article uncovers the source of the personal challenge each of us confronts when faced with love. It also provides practical and anecdotal solutions for the couple committed to lasting joy and togetherness.

Christian Sex – 3 Simple Steps For How To Deal With The Rules Of Christian Intimacy

Want to enjoy Christian intimacy without the fear of rules? Find out how to have guilt free Christian sex tonight.

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