Hosting the XRCO AWARDS!

Hosting the XRCO AWARDS!

Sexual Orientation – What Direction Is Your Compass Pointing?

Sexual orientation can be simply described as what sort of sex a person finds themselves attracted to and in what way. Sexual orientation is described by the American Psychological Association as follows…

Gender Identity – What Defines Me As A Human Being?

Gender identity is all about the personal definition of one’s gender – whether they identify as male, female, both, or even neither. It is closely related (though not identical to) gender role, which is the outward expression of what gender identity someone relates to.

Sexual Identity – Who Am I As A Sexual Being?

Sexual identity can best be defined as how one thinks about themselves when it comes to who they are attracted to, emotionally, romantically, and/or sexually. This is purely limited to thoughts of one’s self, and does not span out to behavior or actions based upon what one thinks.

How Come We Never Have Sex?

There’s a great scene in a Woody Allen movie where a couple is seeing a counselor. Simultaneously the male complains that the couple never has sex while the female complains they have constant sex. The reason the scene is funny is because it contains a bit of truth to it. Few couples are perfectly in sync when it comes to libido.

How to Dirty Talk in Bed – The Best Ways to Improve Your Sex Life With Words

Now, more than ever before, women are becoming more vocal in the bedroom and it is paying off in big ways. However, getting tongue tied is still a problem for a lot of women. Learn how to fight off the nerves and how to talk dirty in bed now.

What Makes a BDSM Relationship Last? Keeping Longevity in a Kinky Courtship

Varying levels of pressure The first mistake in thinking about bondage is that it is some perverted kind of relationship that is nothing like a regular marriage or dating situation. It really couldn’t be farther from the truth; the kinks and sex may be a bit different but the roles are similar. The same media, pornography, and imagination that drives people into bondage relationships can also trick them into thinking that the rush of excitement, sting of the whip, or otherwise sexy role play may last forever.

Coping With a Curved Penis – Non-Invasive Treatments for Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a painful condition affecting the penis which can impair erectile function. Some non-surgical options for treatment are described here.

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