Herpes And The Lysine Lie

The companies selling Lysine supplements have done a great job in getting people to buy a substance that has little value in managing a chronic herpes infection. Lysine has never been shown conclusively in clinical studies to be an effective long term treatment for herpes and in the short term it has never been shown to be more effective than a garlic supplement. Long term use of lysine supplements suppress the arginine levels in your body to a point where it begins to impair your immune system because your immune system does actually need a certain amount of arginine to function properly.

Like all things in your body, balance is the key. Your immune system depends on a good balance between lysine and arginine and the best way to achieve this is to get your lysine through your diet the way your body was designed to instead of through a pill. Eat the foods high in lysine, avoid the foods high in arginine. Simple.

You cannot manage herpes just by popping a pill whether it comes from a drug company or a “natural health” company. This isn’t “the valley of the dolls” you actually can get through life without being dependent on pills.

Real management of herpes means strenthening your immune system so that it can keep the virus in check which is what your body is designed to do. You can accomplish this through taking real herbal medicine from an herbalist or by making it yourself.

Real management of herpes also means making the effort to eat an appropriate diet, stress management, and working on your emotional and mental relationship with the disease.

It does take more work to take care of your body naturally than it does to pop a pill. I for one think your body’s worth it. I think your life’s worth it. Some would disagree, but at least I’ve made the point.

Christopher Scipio
Holistic Viral Specialist

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