Giddy up 🤠

Giddy up 🤠

How to Go Down on a Woman and Leave Her Speechless – Tongue Techniques Guaranteed to Blow Her Mind

You need to learn how to go down on a woman and how to leave her speechless tonight. Women love oral sex and they love the way it feels so you want to be the best for her. In order to be the best, you need to learn a few tongue techniques that are going to blow her mind tonight.

5 Tools and Techniques to Get a Guy Over a Fear of Sex Toys

According to the stereotype, guys are completely comfortable with sex toys, and girls are completely weirded out even by tamer items like porn movies, and liable to walk out on you if they find a realistic vagina sex toy in your cupboard! We all know that stereotypes are rarely true, though, and if you have a guy who’s a little apprehensive about introducing sex toys into your playtime, it can feel very limiting. Today we check out some tips and techniques for getting a guy over his fear of sex toys!

Hunting the Elusive G-Spot and P-Spot

In the nineties and noughties, we have begun to put names and labels on some of the little magic buttons that exist in various places across our bodies. These were previously labelled only by the strength of the moan they created, or as ‘that little spot in between there and there’. For those of you that haven’t managed to hit them yet, we give you a field guide to hunting the elusive G-spot and (not so elusive) P-spot with sex toys.

From Singledom to Coupledom in Sex Toy Land!

You’ve been on your own for quite some time, and become quite friendly with the feel of latex, fake ribbing and things that vibrate! Sex toys are the single guy AND single girl’s best friend, and while both single people and couples are looking for the same outcome from sex toy play, there are some adjustments that can be made in your collection once you meet somebody special enough to share your life with. Today we check out what you can keep, ditch, modify and discover in adult toy-land, when you go from being a solo player to part of a pair.

Editor’s Choice Sex Toys: 8 Models to Keep in Your Toy ‘Box’

The world of sex toys has certainly evolved in the last ten years, from the times when you had to plug your vibrator into the wall! Now it can be a big, scary world of latex, ribbing, beads and silicone; it’s hard to know whether you’re buying a good all-rounder, or a niche toy that will only get pulled out once in a blue moon (or as a last resort). Today we check out the creme de la creme (yes, really) of sex toys… staples that should be in every guy, girl and couple’s toy box!

How to Start Enjoying B and D Play With Sex Toys

Wondering what all the fuss over spanking, handcuffs and whips is about? Can’t understand how so many grown men (and women) like being told that they’re dirty little people and need to be punished? BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism and Masochism or Slave and Master) is a whole ‘nother sexual world quite removed from the vanilla missionary positions that most of us enjoy on a regular basis. Want to start venturing to the very pleasurable dark side with BDSM-oriented sex toys and role play? Here’s a beginner’s guide.

Sex Toys: Have a Very Merry SeXmas!

The best Christmas present is one that will give someone many hours of fun, won’t go out of fashion quickly, and will make them feel good to be alive. However, that will mean something entirely different to your grandfather than to your lover… who’ll hopefully think ‘Sex!’ as soon as they read those criteria! Sex toys are a fab gift for Christmas… something that will really help a special someone to relax and feel good about the world. But what should you buy? We check out the most gift-worthy toys available today.

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