Five Discreet Toys You Need Right Now!

Better Sex Through Exercise – What Men Can Do at the Gym

Better sex can be achieved in a number of ways, and one includes exercise. These exercises for men will allow them to be a hit in bed.

Magical Thinking and Real Life Consequences of Sex

Believing unplanned pregnancy or an STD “could never happen to me,” is a form of magical thinking that can have very real consequences. Taking responsibility for your sex life means getting real about what could happen any time you have sex.

Modern Day Herbalism

This article shows the links between modern day Aromatherapy and traditional Herbalism. It gives a brief history of the practice of Herbalism and the development of modern medicine. The article highlights the dangers of toxins in our household and beauty products as well as the side effects of modern pharmaceutical drugs. In conclusion it highlights the links between the practices used in traditional Herbalism and the fast growing field of Aromatherapy and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Condom Types – Sizes, Shapes and Special Features

Safe sex can be both safer and more exciting with the right protection selection. This guide to condom types will help couples get their bearings in the prophylactic aisle.

Is She Addicted to Sex Toys? The Truth About Women Who Prefer “Toys” Over Sex With You!

Is she addicted to sex toys? Does she prefer “time alone” over time with you? What does it mean when your girlfriend, wife or lover seems to value alone time more than sexual intercourse?

Sexual Performance Problems and Medication – Tips for Restoring Function

Medications for a wide variety of medical issues may affect male sexual performance. These strategies can help men to enjoy a healthy and satisfying sex life while maintaining good health.

Don’t Let Premature Ejaculation Kill Your Relationship

Women need sexual satisfaction, just like we do. But for some reason, we demonize women’s sexual needs. Up until recently in human history, a woman’s only purposes during sex were to satisfy their man and procreate.

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