Finding Rest For The Direct Sales Company Mom

When you’re a hard working mom with a Direct Sales business it’s very easy to find one day that life is completely out of balance with the scales tipped deep toward the business and everything else hanging on to the other end for dear life. Because I have seen many a mom burn out of direct sales as a result of this chaotic unbalance, I want to encourage you, Direct Sales Mom, to find a Sabbath rest for yourself and your business.

A while back our family decided, rather radically, to take the truth of a Sabbath rest seriously, mostly because we believe the 10 commandments are still that ? commandments. And since the fourth commandment of ?remember the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy? falls between the third and fifth commandments it?s just as valid as ?Thou shalt not commit adultery?.

This wasn?t as easy as it sounds. It was, however, one of the most freeing things I?ve ever done personally and direct sales-wise. Before it?s time to hit the pillow on Saturday night, I make a deliberate effort to make sure all ?work? is done and shut down the computer until Monday. My voice mail message, my email and my instant message programs all are automatically set to respond with something like, “Sorry I missed you. I’ll get back to you on Monday.”

Imagine, a whole day, spent in rest and enjoyment. No thinking about my direct sales business. No ?to do? lists. No endless emails, checking inventory, filing paperwork, making up hostess packets. Nothing at all having to do with work.

Even if you?re not one who believes in the bible, that just makes a whole bunch of sense. Your family needs to you take a rest from the work. Your customers need you to refresh for 24 hours so you can serve them with gusto starting again on Monday morning. YOU need the break to renew your mind, however that looks for you, and to take time to smell the flowers? or even plant them if that?s relaxing for you.

The focus of the biblical command is that of holiness?focusing your mind for that whole period on God and His glory. I have to admit, that is still a struggle for me. I fight to keep my mind at rest and I still spend much of my Sunday thinking about what I?m going to do on Monday. But I can?t even describe how wonderful it is to not even have the option to act on it. Instead of running up to my computer ?just one more time?, I can take a nap. Instead of mulling over a design for a flyer, planning my next party or answering downline emails, I can read the bible or another great book? one that has nothing to do with Direct Sales, downline management, business building ideas or sales tactics!

And you know what else? On Monday morning I get up ready to hit it hard. Yes, my inbox is full of emails, but it?s a delight to look through them, actually read them instead of skimming, and answer with a refreshed mind. My family is happy, my customers are happy, I am happy? and I like to think that God is pleased at my efforts as well.

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