3 Ways to Turn a Woman On For Sex – How to Stimulate Her Senses for Hot Sex Tonight

Having sex with women sometimes requires a bit of thought and preparation. Here are three great tips for turning your woman on for engaging in some hot sex with you tonight.

The “Sex Sells” Syndrome in American Business!

Male-created religious doctrines designed to control the sexual behavior of females have had results the founders probably could not have imagined in their own time-or if they did recognize them they chose to ignore them for a variety of reasons. One of the most disastrous of the measures imposed upon both men and women but especially women was limiting sexual behavior to the point that most individuals spent much of their lives in a state of sexual frustration caused by a build-up of sexual energy that could not be expended.

The Things You Can Do To Bring A Woman To Orgasm Easily

How to please a woman? This has always been the top question in most men’s mind. Here I am going to share with you the ways that can turn a woman on that can help you to get more dates or to improve the intimacy with your wife.

Rediscovering Sex After Pregnancy

Studies have found that more than half of women resume intercourse at six weeks after delivery; By 24 weeks more than 80% of women were ready to be sexual again. The majority of the women even reported being able to come to orgasm by 12 weeks. And most studies indicate a gradual return to pre-pregnancy levels of sexual desire, enjoyment, and coital frequency within a year.

What Kind of Food Is Best for Your Sex Life?

Certain foods heal maladies including that of sexual dysfunction. Inadequate sex or lack of it has been the silent destroyer of marriages around the World. As a result, millions of dollars are spent annually by men in order to keep their sexual prowess intact. Most people spend a whole lot on synthetic drugs to achieve this purpose. You need to know also that drugs are potential poisons. But there is a way out! I want to let you know those foods that are capable of enhancing a man’s sexual performance. In other words, this piece is meant to reveal how you can naturally improve your libido.

Sexy Food – 5 Foods To Get You In The Mood For Love

We all know about the aphrodisiac properties of foods like oysters and we’ve watched food play a central theme in risque movies like ‘9 1/2 Weeks’, but what are the foods we should be eating to get ourselves ‘in the mood’ for love?  Well, there are many food types that we could list here – some of them have genuine chemical properties that enhance our libido whilst others are quite simply just playful.

How To Finger A Girl To Drive Her Into Female Ejaculation Orgasms Again and Again!

Many men these days wonder how to give their lover ejaculation orgasms. Sex surveys show that only about 10% of women have had this experience. When a woman does have this experience, she is overcome with the power of her orgasms.

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