Do This When You Don’t Have Chemistry Anymore

Do This When You Don't Have Chemistry Anymore

Sexual Pain? How A Psychologist Can Help A Woman With Vulvodynia

Last week I was part of a panel of experts on vulvodynia who spoke about the treatment of this confounding syndrome at Mission Hospital. Vulvodynia-literally, pain in the vulva area-can be distressing for both a woman and her partner. Basically, vulvodynia is best described as searing pain on the outer part of a woman’s genitals.

Return Home: The Preparation

July 30th. That is how long I have to whip myself into the goddess image I have in mind. That is how long I have to mentally prepare myself for the emotional hurricane coming. That is the date on my plane ticket to the place I used to call home.

Virtual Sex – How the Tech-Savvy Get Frisky

No date? No problem! Men who are willing to be adventurous and think outside the box can enjoy a healthy virtual sex life – and he doesn’t even have to take his partner to dinner first!

The Christian Woman, Sex, and Christian Marriage: Be My Personal Freak and I’ll Be Yours!

Sex is a great way to communicate with your husband, and since marriage is the only relationship that God ordained for sexual relations you should give your husband everything! Just because you’re a Christian does not mean that you have to open your legs, have sex the same way, in the same position, and in the same room all the time. It is not a sin to explore your husband in different ways when it comes to sex in marriage.

Planning a Sexual Encounter – 7 Things to Consider Before a Threesome

A sexy threesome may seem like an amazing idea, but it has many potential pitfalls that could end a relationship. See what things should be considered before bringing a third person into the bedroom.

Decoding Semen – What’s in the White Stuff?

The contents of the male ejaculate may be of little consequence to most men, but their partner may feel otherwise. Learn what is in the white stuff and how to change the taste of it.

Male Infertility – Let’s Get This Party Started

A subject that often goes unaddressed due to its nature, Male Infertility is indeed a serious issue that affects millions of marriages and individuals worldwide. The Inability to have children is a serious issue and can have lasting effects.

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