Do This When She Has A Sudden Release Of Emotions

Do This When She Has A Sudden Release Of Emotions

Down Bottom, Downtown

You say you want to go, you state you’ve never been. You blush when you talk about it, your dimples deeper than, that place you want to go, that place you state you’ve never been. I can take you there, if you’re sure you will attend.

What Men Want in Bed – 2 Things That All Men Crave for in the Bedroom

Keeping a man happy is merely a matter of knowing what men want in bed. This article will show you two things you can do to a man in bed that are guaranteed to make you the best he ever had.

Give Your Man And His “Wand of Light” A Special Treat With a Lingham Massage

Most women want to know how to give a great hand job, but did you know that by giving him a lingham massage you’re not only giving him ample pleasure, you’re also advancing his inner health, revitalizing his whole body while giving him a spiritual experience? Sounds like a pretty fancy way to give a hand job but lingham massage is no ordinary sex practice. This sensual couples massage is a Tantric practice, derived from the Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian philosophy that involves sexual behaviour, expansion of consent and awareness.

Ten Common Symptoms of Parkinson’s That Don’t Involve Movement

To the average person on the street,  and even to most non-neurologist doctors, Parkinson’s is a disease mainly characterized by faulty movement and balance. Even James Parkinson, discoverer of the disease, described it  in 1817 mainly terms of motor symptoms, the big three classic cardinal findings, still described that way today as tremor, rigidity, and Bradykinesia (slowing) seen in the extremities with one side usually showing worse symptoms than the other during the entire course of the disease. Ironically, only half of the 10 most common warning signs of Parkinson’s disease, designated by the National Parkinson Foundation (previous article)  actually involve  motor symptoms. The remaining half involve symptoms  that the average person and even actual sufferer might not associate with Parkinson’s disease. Many can develop as early as 3-5 years before motor disturbances appear and cause a sufferer to actually end up before a neurologist. Creating a stronger public awareness of some of these non-motor symptoms might bring  in more patients for evaluation who would otherwise be dismissed and help patients themselves and even loved ones and family to understand that some of the behavior seen does not arise out of personal laziness, self-pity or any other non-productive behaviors.

Sexual Bondage: The Unnamed Desire

“What, who, why are we clinging to/too?” If we wonder how a life of destruction, misery and unhappiness is produced, the answer is by/through clinging. What we won’t let go of (ease up on) will eventually choke us to death or vice versa.

Financial Domination

What is Financial Domination exactly? Sounds like I’m about to discuss a monopoly of some sort like big corporations taking over mom and pop entities. Not quite exactly what I had in mind for this article.

Are There Side Effects of Too Much Sexual Intercourse?

The mind is often referred to at times as brain, wit, brainpower, mentality, psyche, intelligence and consciousness, just to mention a few. Most people when ask the anatomical location of the mind will say that their mind is located in their heart. The mind is a very terrible thing to waste. If you talk to a man in a language he hears, it sinks to his heart. But if you talk in a language he understands, it sinks to his mind. You can imprison a man but not his mind. Sex dulls the mind.

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