Dating Advice for Introverts | Sex and Relationship Coach | Caitlin V

Dating Advice for Introverts | Sex and Relationship Coach | Caitlin V

Erect Penis Protection: Lifestyle Changes to Consider

A man likes to be proud of his erect penis and count on it to function properly, but sometimes he gets let down by his buddy. Some sensible lifestyle changes may help to alter this situation.

Sex Is the Power Driving Terrorism – Wake Up World

Muslim terrorists are focused on Paradise and the women that Allah will provide for them along with a great place to live in. This is highlighted by a young man’s desire for sex, which is largely forbidden for females under their religious code prior to marriage. That makes them desirous of the ‘other-world’ and the promises fed to them.

Want Better Sex? Do More Chores

There’s never been a red-blooded male who has turned down the opportunity for better sex. But how many knew that helping out around the house moremight increase one’s sexual encounters?

Shower Masturbation: Tips for Fun in the Tub

When the urge for masturbation takes hold in the shower, most men are happy to give in. Shower time masturbating can be even more pleasurable when following these tips.

Sex Is Not Evil Outside of Religions

While the debate rages about homosexuals and their desire to marry and be equal under the law, religious fundamentalists, blinded by their indoctrination into myths, oppose them. Those myths are from Babylon and the chief God of that city, Mary, is the origin of the term ‘marry’. The name means ‘mother’s powerful eye’, which is the sun and it is the main God of all religions.

Masturbation Tips for the Military Life

Masturbation is a part of life for all men, even those in the military. But when in the services, finding a way to engage in some self-gratification can be challenging.

Small Penis? These Sex Positions Can Help

The right sex positions can make a tremendous difference in a couple’s sex life. This can be especially true if a small penis is in play and needs a little help.

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