Coaching with me!

Coaching with me!

How Adult Dating And Personals Can Help Meet Your Private Needs

With everyone so busy, there is not always time for socializing. This makes it difficult to find someone with whom to “take care of business”. Online adult dating and personals are making it easier than ever to find your match or friend with benefits if you like.

My Husband Doesn’t Want To Have Sex Because I’m Fat

So your husband doesn’t want to have sex because you’re fat. This is a difficult and emotional situation to be in. When your husband tells you that you’re fat or that he’s embarrassed because you’re fat, can lead you into depression which makes your weight loss attempt more difficult. Now at this point, you have to ask yourself many important questions. First, does your husband love you enough to stay with you even if you’re overweight? Second, do you think that you’re husband will cheat on you?

3 Tips for Talking Dirty During Sex

Talking dirty during sex is a great way to spice things up in the bedroom. There are different theories about how to go about this. Here are three tips for dirty talking that will get you hot and steaming.

The Definition of a Sexless Marriage

Are you in a sexless marriage if you and your partner have sex once a month? Once every two months? Twice a year? What determines if a marriage is a “sexless” marriage?

How Sex Too Soon Screws Up Everything

 Gwen had always taken pride in how she could keep her wits about her when the heat was on. Even though it was only her second date with Marcus, she felt as if her sense of romance and passion had come alive again. Before she knew it, she’d gotten caught up in the moment, doing what she had committed not to do.

Overcoming The Common Fears Of Sex

When it comes to sex, most people general have certain fears hidden in them. This is basically because they lack the requisite knowledge on sex and its related issues. Fear takes away the beauty and the excitement associated with sex. Fear cripples the power of couples for a pleasurable sexual performance as well as destroys the love in couples.

Uncover the Amazing World of the Swinger Lifestyle

If you’re curious how the swinger life-style operates (once known as wife swapping), then you have to grasp the history of swinging as well as what you can expect from it. For some people, exchanging spouses for sexual pleasure is inconceivable.

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