Can You Really Enlarge Your Penis?

Can You Really Enlarge Your Penis?

Sex Games – Her Eyes Only: A Hole In One?

Spontaneity is probably one of the most commonly known “libido activators” known to man. You can never go wrong with a grope session at the park… or anywhere similar.

Sex Games – Her Eyes Only: Thrill Of the Chase

A lot of men will openly admit that they love “the chase.” It makes them feel like the hunters. And the woman is usually the hunted. Tonight… you become the perfect prey.

Sex Games – His Eyes Only: How to Create a Masterpiece

There’s just something about an artist that is irresistible. Something about the unfiltered, unadulterated expression that drives a woman nuts. And tonight, you’re going to create your ultimate masterpiece.

Ways to Increase Semen Production and Sperm Count in Men

A lot of men wish they could produce and ejaculate more semen. This article lists some of the best ways that can help you increase your semen production and sperm count naturally.

Sex Games – His Eyes Only: The G-Stroke

The Grafenberg Spot, more commonly known as the g-spot, can be the source of some of the most powerful orgasms you can give your lady love. In today’s game, you’re going to learn one of the best ways to stimulate it.

They Are So Glad They Were Diagnosed With Sexual Dysfunction

I don’t think I have ever heard anyone count themselves lucky to discover they have a Sexual Dysfunction. But it is not as ridiculous as you might think. Actually having that condition might, in the long run, save that person’s life. Having a Sexual Dysfunction is one of the earliest indicators of Coronary Artery Disease. It appears as an early warning sign of a potential Heart Attack or Stroke. According to the latest statistics, more than 390,000 people die from Coronary Artery Disease every year and men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction are 8 times more likely to suffer from Heart Failure or Stroke than those who do not suffer from this ailment. In addition to Heart Disease, Erectile Dysfunction can also serve as an indicator for Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Neurological Damage, and a host of other serious ailments. Conventional drug therapy traditionally treats the symptoms of Sexual Dysfunction and not the cause. This can lead to further complications in the long run.

Sex Games – Her Eyes Only: The Secret Performance

One of the biggest turn on’s for men – if not THE biggest turn on – is the thought or idea of his woman masturbating for him. Today, you’re going to play a game that satisfies his ultimate fantasy.

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