AVN 23′ #expo vid drops this SUNDAY! #vlog

AVN 23' #expo vid drops this SUNDAY! #vlog

Going Down On a Girl Tips

What type of techniques and methods work best when going down on a girl? Find out some of the tips that we felt were crucial when giving a girl head. Discover what you are missing, and how you can become a better lover.

Be The Hottest Man Alive: How To Make Her Think You’re As Hot As Brad Pitt

If you want to blow her away in bed, and make a woman cum consistently, she must find you very attractive. Penis size is not the strongest determinant of her sexual satisfaction…If she thinks you’re as hot as Brad Pitt or George Clooney, then it will be much easier to make her have an orgasm. I will demonstrate a powerful Neuro Linguistic Programming technique so that she literally believes you are the hottest man alive.

How to Make a Girl Wet

How to make a girl wet, can be a challenge if you don’t know what you are doing. Finding the physical and psychological connection of sex for a women can be testing, however knowledge will help you in being able to excite her.

How To Pleasure A Woman

There’s so many misconceptions about giving women pleasure that it’s no wonder guys are so confused about it. This article will cover the three most important areas you must focus on if you want to pleasure a woman really well. First, you must make sure she’s attracted to you.

My Boyfriend Says He’s Going to Leave Me Because I Am Too Loose – How Do I Tighten Up My Vagina?

So you are now very frustrated, very unhappy and very much embarrassed because your relationship is on the rocks. You are hanging on to your emotions by a thread. You are no longer happy in your home or your relationship.

How to Give a Guy Good Head – 2 Killer Fellatio Tips That Will Blow His Mind

Giving a guy good head is a way you can show your man just how much you love him and want to please him. It is also something that can keep him in your arms forever because if you give him fellatio then he will not want to be without you. Now a lot of women worry that they will disappoint their man or that they won’t be as good as his former lovers.

How to Do Anal Sex Properly – Again and Again

Anal sex is now quite a common form of sexual practice. Made popular by adult movies, many couples would love to try anal, but are unsure about how to go about it. Find out the fundamentals of anal sex.

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