Are You Bored With Your Sex Life? 10 Tips To Spice Things Up

Young Men Tend to Focus on Enjoying Their Arousal

Adolescent boys & men are aroused on a regular basis. Men do not associate sex with emotional attachment. Intercourse frequencies depend on male sex drive.

At Puberty Boys Develop a Reliable Arousal Cycle

Boys focus on doing & fighting. Boys are sexually active from adolescence onwards. Orgasm is the trigger for ejaculation.

5 Tips to Locate the Best Sexologist

For enjoying a blissful conjugal life, the couple has to have excellent compatibility, love, and respect for each other. Besides, sex also plays a significant role in preserving a man and woman relationship. But in countries like India, talking about sex and sexual problems is still a taboo which so far has been the reason for the destruction of many happy relationships and marriages.

The Influence of Religious Beliefs on Sexuality

Culture & family can affect sexuality. Justification of marriage – regular sex versus support for family. Sex is taboo because of differences in responsiveness.

Responsibility for Contraception and Abortion

Men do not dwell on consequences in general. Responsibility for contraception & abortion is attributed to women. Personal hygiene, genital infections, AIDs & STDs.

Diversity: Our Sex, Our Personality and Our Gender

Our sex is determined before birth & cannot be changed. Only men can obtain sexual gratification from others. Gender is a concept based on society stereotypes.

Reproduction Involves More Than Just Intercourse

We have two sexes because they are different to each other. Men’s key reproductive focus is intercourse & enjoying arousal. Women’s key reproductive focus is enjoying affection & family.

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