Are You Bored With Your Sex Life? 10 Tips To Spice Things Up

Are You Bored With Your Sex Life? 10 Tips To Spice Things Up

Young Men Tend to Focus on Enjoying Their Arousal

Adolescent boys & men are aroused on a regular basis. Men do not associate sex with emotional attachment. Intercourse frequencies depend on male sex drive.

At Puberty Boys Develop a Reliable Arousal Cycle

Boys focus on doing & fighting. Boys are sexually active from adolescence onwards. Orgasm is the trigger for ejaculation.

5 Tips to Locate the Best Sexologist

For enjoying a blissful conjugal life, the couple has to have excellent compatibility, love, and respect for each other. Besides, sex also plays a significant role in preserving a man and woman relationship. But in countries like India, talking about sex and sexual problems is still a taboo which so far has been the reason for the destruction of many happy relationships and marriages.

The Influence of Religious Beliefs on Sexuality

Culture & family can affect sexuality. Justification of marriage – regular sex versus support for family. Sex is taboo because of differences in responsiveness.

Responsibility for Contraception and Abortion

Men do not dwell on consequences in general. Responsibility for contraception & abortion is attributed to women. Personal hygiene, genital infections, AIDs & STDs.

Diversity: Our Sex, Our Personality and Our Gender

Our sex is determined before birth & cannot be changed. Only men can obtain sexual gratification from others. Gender is a concept based on society stereotypes.

Reproduction Involves More Than Just Intercourse

We have two sexes because they are different to each other. Men’s key reproductive focus is intercourse & enjoying arousal. Women’s key reproductive focus is enjoying affection & family.

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