Are Gender Roles Changing With John Gray

Are Gender Roles Changing With John Gray

Communicating Better Sex

What is sexual communication? In my world, its the ability to reach a level of intimacy that is both fun, exciting, sensual, and helps achieve a better orgasm. Taking the time to understand sexual communication will create the opportunity for a better bond between you and your partner. Even more, some of the traits of the following communication techniques are basic steps to developing a higher level of relatedness with any person. Put them in a different context, and you will have tools to open, create, evolve, and maintain a higher level and more interesting conversation with anyone.

Female Orgasm Secrets – How To Give Your Woman Multiple, Vaginal Climaxes

Discover female orgasm secrets that most men will never know, including the percentage of women who have never had an orgasm, why most men are lame in bed and how to give your woman MULTIPLE, VAGINAL ORGASMS…

Sexual Killing – Unintentional But Destructive Sex Habits You Must Avoid!

The power of sex to heal is not in doubt; but when incorrectly indulged in, sex can debilitate a man or woman. This short article examines how sexual partners unknowingly use sexual enjoyment to destroy their own lives. Enjoy it!

Female G-Spot Found: How This Discovery Can Help Everyone

Many female adults in today’s society make it very public that they feel unsatisfied in the bedroom. This can be attributed to many things including, but not limited to, locating erogenous zones on the female body.  For centuries, there has been research done by sexologists all over the world to try and solve this problem of under stimulated women.

How To Cure Premature Ejaculation By Using Proper Masturbation Techniques

Do you know that the key to cure your premature ejaculation is literally in your hands? By using the proper masturbation techniques, you will find it easy to beat premature ejaculation. Read on to find out how.

How To Beat Premature Ejaculation Using Two Simple Techniques

It is in every man’s dream to have long, intense sexual intercourse with his woman. Discover two simple techniques that you can start practicing tonight to prolong your sex and beat premature ejaculation permanently.

Sexual Abuse

During puberty, a young girl experiences many changes. Their bodies begin to develop and they begin to experience sexual feelings. The neighbor across the street is no longer the pesky little boy they can’t stand.

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