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Android 18 COSPLAY!

How To Sleep With Women – It Starts With Social Comfort

Let me describe a situation to you. You come up to a group of girls with a great opener. It’s something you learned in a course on how to sleep with women. You try it, it dies a quick death, you’re not sure what to do next, and then you follow the pick-up guru’s advice and follow it up with a tease.

How To Seduce Women – 24 Ways To Build Social Comfort

Social comfort is the necessary step in how to seduce women that comes right after the opener and right before the attraction techniques. Don’t even think about starting in on attraction until she’s comfortable with you and considers you an ordinary guy who’s cool to hang out with. Here are 24 ways to do this.

How To Get Women Into Bed – Push And Pull With Barriers

Barriers are a great way on how to get women into bed. This is a tool that gets them aroused. As soon as you know that she’s attracted, you’re going to want to start turning her on and building sexual arousal. There are lots of verbal techniques for doing this. Barriers are a technique you’re going to use later on like after you’ve already made out with her.

How To Get Women In Bed – Let’s Get Physical

It’s no secret that women get aroused physically. When it comes to how to get women in bed, the physical stuff has to start long before you hit the bedroom. Women get aroused physically in a few different stages. What I’m talking about here goes beyond the playful touching that builds attraction; this is when you’re working on getting her mind on sex.

How To Get Laid – Move It From Attraction To Arousal

If you want to know how to get laid, the whole thing is about taking attraction and turning it into arousal. If a girl likes you, this doesn’t mean she wants to have sex with you. You have to try to turn her on. This is easy to do because deep down women are just as sexual as men are, but it takes the right timing.

How To Get Girls In Bed – Make Her Erogenous Zones Tingle

How to get girls in bed is about turning her on physically. You have to take attraction and turn it into arousal, and one way that you do this is through touching. Women have certain areas of the body known as erogenous zones that feel really good to her. These are the areas to focus on if you want to turn her on.

How To Turn On Your Man So He Thinks You Are His Best Lover Ever

Men are simple creatures when it comes to sex. Like a dog, keep him happy, well fed and keep him fulfilled. That’s the secret to caring for man and making sure he is sexually fulfilled.

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