An Exclusive Podcast with Liv Revamped

An Exclusive Podcast with Liv Revamped

Birthday Sex, Why We Deserve It

Birthday sex, is it something we should all get every year? We work hard all year to earn a living, and put a roof over both our heads and once a year you should get a reward. Well for many guys across the world their birthday is the day that they expect their reward.

52 Ways to Rev Up Your Relationship

Are you bored with your relationship? Do you find yourself looking too closely at other men or women? Have you wondered what you could do to make things exciting again? Why do some couples seem to have such fun all the time? If you feel like there is something missing from your relationship and you’d like to feel as excited as you did when you first met…here are some tips. You can experience a more rewarding relationship on every level. Don’t give into the thought that all relationships get boring over time, that’s just not true! Take initiative and put into action some of the following 52 ways to rev up your relationship! Want to start feeling great about your lover again? Here’s what you can do.

Prostate Massage – Learn a Unique Way of Getting Intensive Orgasms

Prostate massage is an ultimate means to boost up sexual contentment within the men. Awareness on this process is being created by the medical experts worldwide.

Orgasm Problems? Help For Women Who Have Difficulty Reaching Orgasm

If you’re a woman who has difficulty achieving orgasm, you’re probably feeling both frustrated and slightly lacking in sexual self-esteem. After all, the one thing that you want to do is to be able to show your man that he is a good lover, and that he is able to satisfy you in bed. Conversely, if you’re a man in partnership with a woman who has difficulty reaching orgasm, you’re probably feeling not good enough in bed, and have a low sexual self-esteem because you can’t actually bring your partner to the point of her ultimate pleasure during the most intimate act of lovemaking.

4 Sex Tips on How To Give A Woman An Orgasm By Stroking Her Deep Vaginal Spot (Deep Explosions)

Women have a tremendously sensitive spot deep inside their vagina. It is located on the anterior or top surface about 8 inches inside them. Once men learn how to stimulate that deep vaginal or epicenter spot the woman will explode like never before.

How To Sleep With Women – Escalating Role Plays

Here is a concept that will really help with how to sleep with women. It’s called escalating role plays. You probably know what a role play is – it’s a fake scenario that you and the girl play out. It allows you objectivity and distance. You can use these to escalate things to a sexual level.

How To Sleep With Women – 3 Concrete Ways To Improve Your Game

Learning how to sleep with women is all about working on yourself. You create goals and work hard to reach them. As you go along, you start to notice that your game is getting tighter. You realize that last night you scored a girl you wouldn’t have even dreamed of just months ago.

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