An Exclusive Podcast with Leana Lovings

An Exclusive Podcast with Leana Lovings

The Secret Dirty Talk Examples Countless Women Have Used To Spice Up Their Love Life

If you want to learn descriptive dirty talk examples, you’ll need to find out what kind of phrases your man wants to hear. By using descriptive dirty talk examples you can insert vivid sexual images in his mind that not only grab his attention, but also force his attention on you. That’s exactly what he’s looking for.

Deep Penetration Positions To Make A Girl Orgasm

The real purpose of sex should be in helping your partner enjoy intercourse as much as you are. If you like to discover some naughty positions that will have your girl moaning in pleasure, read on.

Sexual Desire And Ageing

The desire and ability to make love can vary during an individual’s lifetime and during a couple’s relationship. In purely physical terms, men are at their most potent in late teenage years, whereas women reach their peak of sexual enjoyment around the age of 35 years. However, men and women can find that both the desire for sex and performance can be adversely affected, even lost completely for a time, by various events and situations; for example, stress at work, family problems, illness, a new baby or a death in the family.

Cultural Influences On Sexual Behaviour

In contrast with other primates, human sexual behaviour is strongly determined by cultural influences. Every society places some restrictions on sexual behaviour. In contrast, very restrictive societies try to control pre-adolescent sexual behaviour and prevent children from learning about sexual matters.

Female Ejaculation Questions: What Is the Fluid That Women Ejaculate During a Squirting Orgasm?

For many guys giving a woman a squirting orgasm is a great source of pride. After all, you are giving her an orgasm that she has likely never had before. However it can also be confusing for guys.

How to Increase Sperm Count – Expect the Unexpected

How to increase sperm count requires a healthy balanced diet, lifestyle, herbs, vitamins and minerals. It takes sperm 100 days to develop, 74 days to form and about 20 to 30 days to mature.

5 Stages of Developing Sacred Sexuality

In this fast paced world full of flashy movie images, internet, cell phones, text messaging and other technologies, we are in dire need of redefining our intimate relationships. Often times we treat our intimate relationships like a fast food chain. Bent on having the most pleasure and the most passion in the shortest amount of time without realizing that we have left out the heart altogether. The way sacred is defined for the purposes of this article relates to a spiritual, protective, comfortable and compassionate space from which to experience sex and intimacy. Focusing on the sacred as a place within us and within our relationship that opens us toward experiencing true connection. By staying connected with one another, we value the process of being together more than an orgasm! And yet when an honorable connection is established through the following stages, orgasms reach heights beyond comprehension! Oooh la la!

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