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Alternative Masturbation Techniques – 7 Ways to Keep It Fresh

From an early age, men learn to treat the erect penis to a vigorous masturbation session. Over time, however, boredom can set in, necessitating new masturbation techniques.

Safe Sex: How to Mesh Protection With Pleasure

Condoms are a vital part of a safe sex plan. From simple to exciting, there’s a product just right for every man.

Easy Ways To Enhance Semen Production by 500%

Increasing semen production is not just about improving fertility. More semen also help enhance pleasure during ejaculation. This article lists some simple tips and tricks to help you produce a larger volume of semen.

Sex Positions for the Car

When an erection pops up while on the road, many guys pull over for a little relief – alone or with a partner. These sex positions are ideal for vehicular adventures.

Sex Positions for Men With Back Pain – Best and Worst

Back pain can put a wrench in bedroom activities, but it doesn’t have to. New research reveals the best sex positions for men with lower back pain.

Masturbation Tips for the Adventurous – Exhibitionist Roleplaying

Many men have an exhibitionist streak and would get a thrill out of displaying their penises for all the world to see. For proof, one has merely to take a stroll through any amateur porn sites to see how many men have been proud to post photos or videos of their erect penises. For that matter, flaccid penises are also readily available for viewing with only a click of the mouse.

Sex Headaches – What They Mean and What to Do

Nothing kills the mood like a sex headache, but is it more than just an inconvenience? Learn about different types of headaches associated with sex and ways to prevent them here.

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