90 Day Fiancee – Sex Coach Reacts

Red Penis Fixes – Real Solutions for Common Penile Issues

A red penis is one of the most common problems that men report when it comes to their intimate health. Fortunately, a manhood that is sore, reddened and tender to the touch is rarely a serious problem.

Sexual Foreplay – Targeting Women’s “Other” Body Parts

The foreplay expert knows that a woman’s erogenous zones extend far beyond the obvious. The really attentive lover is anxious to provide an all-encompassing sensual experience for his partners.

Relationships: Why Do Some People Always Try To Impress The Opposite Sex?

It is not uncommon for someone to hear that they should just be themselves around the opposite sex or the same sex, depending on their sexual preference. And while this sounds accurate and exactly what one should be doing, it doesn’t mean that this is what always happens.

6 Penis Hazards and How to Avoid Them

The world is generally a pretty safe place for a penis, because most men have a vested interest in keeping it out of harm’s way. As long as a guy provides the right penis care, he can expect to keep his tool in tip-top shape throughout his lifetime. However, there are some pesky dangers that can impact even the most pampered penis.

Men’s Sexual Health News – Is the Male Birth Control Pill the Future of Sex?

The future of sex may be just around the corner; scientists are currently working to develop a male birth control pill. Learn more about this new innovation and what it means for men’s sexual health.

Sexual Trends in the United Kingdom

From the age of our first sexual encounter to making sure we take precautions during sex, our sexual behaviours and views are changing in the United Kingdom. These trends are not just obvious from one generation to the next, but within as little as a decade differences in our sexual choices are apparent. With the help of surveys on sexual attitude and behaviours, here we outline some of the main sexual trends in the UK.

Better Sex for Better Health – The Best of All Worlds for Active Men

An active penis means that a man can have better sex, which in turn can translate into a greater level of overall health. Engaging in intimate activity provides a boost, both in the short and the long term.

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