9 Phrases That Kill The Mood Instantly – Things To Avoid Saying During Sex

7 Tips To Find The Best Sexologist

Are you going through certain problems related to your sex life? Do you want to get rid of them as soon as possible? Would you do anything to get the best treatment for your sexual problems? Don’t be embarrassed if you are going through a decrease in your sex drive or have self-diagnosed your erectile dysfunction problem, all you need is a professional sexologist, who knows how to help you conquer your built-up fears for sex and get rid of your mental and physical blockages.

Can Excessive Masturbation Lead To Problems?

When you are alone and you have absolutely nobody around you, there are a lot of thoughts running in your mind. One of those thoughts is obviously related to sex. Also, those, who don’t have partners to get involved in sexual activities with, find it difficult to resist the temptation of sexual intercourse. This is when they end up masturbating to suffice their sexual desires.

Nine Tips To Boost Sexual Stamina

Even if you are good in bed, there are ways in which you can be better. Sex is that one thing that always has some scope for improvement. You can always find ways in which you can do the best for yourself as well as your partner. All you need to do is focus on improving your sexual stamina, which is essential to perform better than the last time you did in bed with your partner.

7 Tips On How To Control Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation may seem like ‘just another thing’ to you, but it is not! It can be quite frustrating for both, you and your partner, when you ‘give up’ before expected and before even getting completely indulged in the sexual practice.

Sex Is Not a Sin

Religions have used sex as a tool to make people conform to their laws. Because it is a natural and almost uncontrollable urge, especially in young men and women, it is fundamental to getting them to comply with the notion of ‘marriage’ as a sacred act. It is no more sacred than growing plants in one’s garden and no more considered a so-called sin by the real God than the keeping of a pet.

Sex Tips for Standing Up Positions

Men and women may both be curious about sex tips for trying out new positions, such as how to do it standing up – among other new and interesting styles. These suggestions can help turn up the heat by providing a whole range of new sensations.

Girlfriend Can’t Orgasm? Little Known Sex Hacks She Will Love (ESPECIALLY If She Can’t Climax)

Who else is worried that your girlfriend, wife or lover isn’t climaxing during sex? Does she seem to take longer than normal to achieve orgasm? Do you often wonder if you are doing something wrong?

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