9 Alpha Mindsets That Make You Irresistible To Women!

9 Alpha Mindsets That Make You Irresistible To Women!

Sex Tips Beyond Penetration: Give Her Pleasure

One of the most important sex tips involves knowing how to pleasure her beyond penetration. The following are important to keep in mind while turning on one’s lover.

How to Sexually Escalate With Women

Have you ever wondered how to sexually escalate with women or even talk dirty to them in a way that doesn’t result in you getting slapped? A lot of guys – when they first meet a woman – often make the mistake of thinking that they will be perceived as coming on too strong and even morally offensive if they try to steer the interaction in a sexual direction. However, whether you realize it or not, the fact of the matter is that there are ways to escalate sexually without fear of feeling that you are pressuring or being too…

Understanding Men’s Sexual and Emotional Needs

Male masturbation frequencies vary significantly indicating not only a range in responsiveness but also the different conscious choices men make over how they enjoy their ‘arousal cycle’ from erection to ejaculation. Sex is emotional for men because it connects them with women, family and society. Male mammals are often solitary creatures.

Sex Positions: Keeping Doggy Style Fresh

Keeping one’s list of sex positions fresh can really make a difference in a couple’s sex life. The following variations on the beloved doggy style position can make both partners see the light anew.

Self-Pleasuring Mishap: What to Do When Caught With the Pants Down

Self-pleasuring is a normal, everyday activity that men engage in with great frequency. Getting caught in the act happens now and then, so knowing how to respond in the situation is important.

Anal Sex: Safety and Preparation Tips

Couples who are beginning to explore anal sex need proper preparation in order to heighten the enjoyment of the experience. These tips can provide a guide for those interested in this activity.

Marathon Sex Tips: Making It Last

When a couple jumps right into a marathon sex session, the partners may find that their endurance runs a bit short. The following tips can help men prepare for their lengthy lovemaking romp, maintain stamina during the affair and properly care for themselves afterward.

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