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Women Only Orgasm When Alone Not With a Lover

Male sex drive makes another person critical. Female masturbation is a miracle of evolution. Women’s fantasies cannot be used with a lover.

Women Mistake Emotional Sensations for Orgasm

Erotic fiction lead women to assume that they should orgasm. Women often stimulate themselves without ever achieving orgasm. Most women are unaware that orgasm is a result of mental arousal.

How We Know That Female Orgasm Is Uncommon

Female arousal has always been a mystery. Women cannot explain how they get turned on. Heterosexuality is defined by vaginal intercourse.

Women Orgasm Only in Specific Circumstances

We must be able to reliably obtain the stimulation needed for orgasm. Anyone who can orgasm, knows what anatomy they need to stimulate. Both sexes massage the blood within the corpora cavernosa of the phallus.

We (Not a Sex Toy or Lover) Cause Our Own Orgasm

Stimulation does not cause orgasm by itself. We must be mentally aroused before stimulation is effective. We tend to believe the orgasm claims of a minority of women.

How We Know That Female Masturbation Is Rare

Research indicates that women orgasm by masturbating alone. Very few women in everyday life promote masturbation. Most women are shocked by the mention of genitals & fantasies.

Chinese Condoms Are Too Small for Africans Complains Zimbabwe Health Minister

China has made long strides in the field of manufacture and industry to military power. It has also developed deep pockets. China has a lot of surplus cash to donate to needy countries.

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