How to Break Free From Sexual Jealousy to Have a Fulfilling, Orgasmic Relationship

By the laws of the land, Shae must have a threesome in order to be with his beloved. It goes against his personal rules as he believes in sexuality without comparison. Comparison leads to jealousy. He fears sexual failure and embarrassment, leading to jealousy. He believes his jealousy creates hate, making it impossible to love the one he desires. Will he become asexual? Will he become hateful? Will he become decadent? Will he find love?

Women Do Not Need to Be Like Men to Be Valid

Women making money out by selling bravado. Many women have low expectations for sex. Girls need facts for their own protection.

Ego Means Men Overlook What Women Contribute

Men want to maximise their sexual opportunities. Men rarely acknowledge the effort women make. Women tend to avoid conflict.

Men’s Sex Drive Can Cause Them to Be Insensitive

Male sex drive is irrepressible no matter how women respond. Men become bad-tempered if they don’t get regular sex. Consent would not be an issue if intercourse caused female orgasm.

Intercourse Is the Heterosexual Lovemaking Act

Women choose men as protectors & providers. Women focus on upper body lovemaking. Women offer sex to get companionship & support.

Women Drive the Need for Dating and Romance

For men, sex is intimacy. Men are much more dangerous than women ever are. Women need an emotional attachment to offer sex.

Sexual Attraction & Commitment to a Relationship

Sexual attraction & emotional attachments. Marriage protects a woman’s interests. Unhealthy relationships & arguing.

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