3 SEX TIPS in 3 Minutes for better SEX – make her come FAST

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel, my name is Alexa and I am a psychologist, and here to give you 3 sex tips today and you probably haven’t heard about those tips, so let’s get ready. Here is the first one. The Coital Alignment Technique, the CAT, but in advance I have to tell you, that only 20% of women come from vaginal penetration alone during sex. Yeah, and it’s not your fault, not her fault, its biology. Because of the size fo the vagina, the length of the vagina or the form of the vagina is not the same for everyone, so not everyone is able to come from only vaginal penetration.

But what to do in this case? You’re gonna focus more on the clitoral stimulation. So you’re together with the girl, but you’re not gonna do the usual in and out thrusting, but you’re gonna do vertical moves, something like this and rubbing.

So you’re gonna stimulate the clitoris and you’re gonna give penetration to the vagina at the same time, so it’s gonna be good for you and also for her. Okay, let’s move to the second technique, the Vulcan, so you’re gonna make a V with your fingers, something like that, yeah, it’s also hard for me.

..it means victory for you and for the girl. And when you are in a Man Missionary or a Cowgirl position, you’re gonna put the palm of your hand on your belly, move your hand until your penis, and then spread your fingers.

So these two fingers one side of the penis, these two fingers another side of the penis.

And what else? Nothing. Because your knuckles will be hard enough to give a direct stimulation for the clitoris. And it can happen that the stimulation is too much or your knuckles are too hard, or the pressure is too much, so in this case, you can change the position of your hand and so on. But the most important is to check her feedback, when she is moaning louder, you are doing something good, when she is moaning less loud, probably something is not that good.

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So always check her feedback. And here is the third technique. So you’re gonna have a shower together and we all know that girls have this secret pleasure from the head of the shower, but this time you’re gonna masturbate her with the head of the shower, from the pressure of the water. Okay, but how to do that? So don’t do it like: “Hey baby, you are so sexy” and you’re putting water all over her body.


lets play a bit, make her wet, make her feel more excited, play with the other erogenous zones, go down slowly, then you can play with her vagina and with her clitoris.

Okay and also be careful, because the pulsation can be too much and it can be uncomfortable for the girls, so always check her feedback. Okay, so hope you guys enjoyed this video and don’t forget to like, subscribe, whatever you can do on my channel. And see you next time.. Better sex better life Click Here

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