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How Do I Get My Wife To Want Sex?

This article lists 50 of the most common reasons why a wife stops wanting affection, intimacy, and sex with her husband. It then goes into what a husband can do to get his wife wanting more sex with him.

Sex Tips: How to Incorporate All 5 Senses

While we tend to emphasize touch in the bedroom, getting all five senses involved can lead to better sex. The following sex tips for the senses will get a couple started down the right path.

Sex While Traveling: Spicing Up the Holidays

Sex can be tricky for the couple traveling on the holidays. The following may help couples squeeze in a romp or two amidst the wholesome activities.

Female Sexuality Today Is Defined By Male Fantasies

We have so much pornography today and so little sex information that we inevitably define women’s sexuality in terms of fantasy rather than reality.

Millennials and Intimacy: What’s Not Adding Up?

Millennials have been associated with hook-up culture and a lack of intimacy within their relationships. We propose how millennials can become more aware of their sexual energy, how it is connected with creativity, and how it can be connected to feeling love and intimacy can help them shed those inhibitions and stuffy moral codes we have around sexuality and intimacy.

Sexy Is A Lifestyle

Shopping online can be a great place to find your sexy lifestyle. The online market place has a huge selection of products to make sexy count. This makes shopping easier for all users.

The “S” In Sex Is For Success!

Having said all that, the “S” I referred to in the title of this article is for “Success”. The question is, how to have successful sex?

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