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How to Turn A Girl On

Girls in all their glory are both beautiful, sexual, and complicated. Understanding how to turn a girl on does require some work, but once you know the psychology behind it, you will be well on your way to the romance and intimacy that you both desire.

How to Be A Good Lover

If you have troubles in pleasing your girl, then perhaps learning how to be a good lover could save your relationship. Without passion and intimacy it is difficult to keep the sparks in a relationship from going out. Check out these tips and tricks for being a better lover.

5 Easy And Romantic Ways On How To Seduce A Man

He’s your sweetheart; he’s your honey; he’s the one whom you love the most in this world. Tired of expressing your love to him in good but boring ways? Here are some easy and romantic ways for you to seduce him.

How To Massage The Clitoris

If you are sexually active with a female partner, learning the tricks to massage the clitoris is so important. As the most sensitive pleasure point on the body, understanding how to properly touch, caress and lick this region will help you give her the best orgasm she has ever felt.

Passionate Kissing Tips

I am talking about those kisses that you only see in movies. How can you too have that passion when you are with a woman? Read these passionate kissing tips to discover what your missing in your equation for that perfect kiss.

How to Suck a Guy Off – 3 Oral Treats That Will Send a Chill Down His Spine

If your man keeps pestering you for fellatio but you have never done it before then read on. This article is especially for you girls who are a bit weary of oral or are just scared that you won’t live up to his expectations. Ok, before you suck your guys penis make sure you choose to do it after (or during) his shower, this removes one thing that lots of girls are worried about, the smell.

Female Ejaculation Secrets – If You Want to Make Her Squirt Then You Need to Know This

Female ejaculation is the stuff of dreams for most guys because they have no idea how to make a woman squirt. The truth is that it’s very simple to give your lover s squirting orgasm if you stick to a few basic steps. Here are three steps to making your girl squirt.

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